Company & Title: Designer/ Creative Director for Bano eeMee
Instagram: @Bano_eeMee
Twitter: @Bano_eeMee
Snapchat: Bano_eeMee

Describe your personal style in three words:
Practical and what I call “street chic”

Where do you think you got your sense of style? What influences you?
I mostly get influenced by my travels. One can never go wrong with a T-shirt, a nice pair of jeans and a leather jacket a.k.a. perfection

Which designers dominate your wardrobe?
I dress for comfort and usually avoid labels. I keep my wardrobe small and invest in pieces that are ethically made. Some of my favorite designers include Tigha (Germany) and The Arrivals out of New York.

Canadian style is…diverse, innovative and sustainable

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe and what’s the story behind it? Where did you find it? Why is it your favourite?
My mom’s cardigan. Found it in mom’s closet and stole it (well she was sort of looking lol) It goes with everything and adds excitement to the most boring outfit.

Biggest fashion regret?
A chunky vintage watch with a dragon clasp I saw at an antique store in Islamabad. I so wish I had bought it as I would wear it everyday

What are your top three beauty/grooming products you love right now?
As of late I have been focusing on care products that are grounded in nature. You will find Yuli, Lush and ManCave on my bathroom shelf.

What top trends do you look forward to wearing this Spring?
Camouflage prints, fun layers and sportswear inspired footwear.

Favourite store/retailer in the world and why?
Colette, Paris is amazing for their eclectic collection of merchandise from clothing to toys to magazines not to mention a great water bar.

I stumbled across this gem of a store a few years ago when WWD Magic flew me to Paris to represent Bano eeMee as the top emerging designer Canada/ US. Fun times!

Who (living or dead) would you want to have dinner with? Where would you take them? And what would you want to talk to them about?
Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel because she revolutionized fashion and is a huge inspiration of mine for being a risk taker, a go getter and a business woman.

I would take her to Lahore Tikka House in Toronto and see how she handles the chaos and spice haha. I would try to recruit her as my mentor.

You have a blank wall and need to find a piece of art to fill the space. Which piece do you want to hang there by which artist? How do they inspire you?
I love architecture. I would probably hang an architectural piece or antique that I found on one my travels. If it comes with an exciting story of how I found it …even better.

Photography: Manpreet