Emily Hampshire is one of Canada’s most versatile performers. She currently stars in two of television’s biggest hits, playing Stevie, the motel manager on CBC’s Schitt’s Creek and 12 Monkeys on Showcase where she plays the role Brad Pitt made famous in the movie version much to the delight of sci-fi fanatics. She also is starring in the upcoming Xavier Dolan film The Death and Life of John F. Donovan. We had the chance to find out more about this down-to-earth star on where she finds her inspiration, whose jeans she’s wearing right now, and how she ends up jumping down the rabbit hole of Pinterest. As well as what designer dress is now a cosplay fan favourite and what favourite item of clothing she wore so often her friends stole it from her while she was sleeping!

Name: Emily Hampshire

Company & Title/Occupation: Actress

Instagram: @emilyhampshire

Twitter: @emilyhampshire_ 

Facebook: hampshiree

Describe your personal style in three words:

Classic, comfort, quality.

How did you develop your sense of style?

I think a sense of style is developed in line with knowing who you are. So in the way that you discover your sense of self by trying on different identities, I think my sense of style has been a process of peeling away those layers of costume and settling into a simpler way of dressing, one that allows ME to wear the dress and not have the dress wear me, so to speak.

What influences you?

I’m influenced by everything I see fashion-wise: people around me – on the street, on Instagram; from movies; from runways shows. But usually when I’m looking for something to wear for an event I seek out an idea for a look that I have in mind. I’ll search Pinterest for “shorts and tights with boots” and go down that rabbit hole for inspiration.

Which designers dominate your wardrobe? 

Derek Lam, BCBG, and Roland Mouret – I wear them a lot for events but my closet is primarily dominated by wardrobe I’ve worn on screen because whenever possible I keep all my costumes.  I’m actually currently wearing a pair of Stevie’s (my character in Schitt’s Creek) jeans that I borrow while we’re on hiatus and bring them back when we start up again (since the show is still going and Stevie’s not buying new jeans anytime soon, she needs them back.)

Canadian style is… 

…as diverse as our country.

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe and what’s the story behind it?

An Yves St. Laurent gun dress – it was my costume for one of my favorite scenes in 12 Monkeys where I crash a board meeting by walking across the boardroom table in that dress with Christian Louboutin heels and take over the company. I love that it’s such an iconic look for that scene (as well as for the show, a bunch of fans have cos played that look!)

Biggest fashion regret?

I mean, I think it’s the people around me who really regret my day to day fashion choices. When I’m not working or dressing for an event you’d be hard pressed to get me out of my t shirt and overalls (unless you steal them in the middle of the night from me which HAS IN FACT HAPPENED by two of my friends who wanted me to stop wearing the same overalls). And I have had MORE THAN ONE boyfriend bring up the issue (for them) that I do my hair and makeup and wear dresses and heels for auditions and red carpets but not for them.

What are your top three beauty/grooming products you love right now? 

1- CHANEL Le Blanc light creator brightening make up base in Mimosa

2- Benetint for lips and cheeks

3- CHANEL CC Cream spf 50

What top trends do you look forward to wearing this Spring?

I don’t really follow trends per say. Like, I’m sure I’m unconsciously influenced by them, but I get more into being inspired by a designer’s collection that I see on a runway or in a magazine rather than a collective fashion trend that happens. I’m very into everything that Dior just showed in Paris – so I’m seeing a lot of blue in my future spring wardrobe and MAYBE a leather beret if I’m feeling crazy.

Favourite store in the world and why?   

Saks Off Fifth.  I LOVE feeling real quality fabrics and well-made clothes but can’t wrap my head around spending more than the cost of a vacation on a pair of pants. I also feel very super successful when I find a great deal on something.

Who (living or dead) would you want to have dinner with? Where would you take them? And what would you want to talk to them about? 

Jane Fonda, to a 24 hour diner and I’d want to talk to her about her entire life (hence the 24 hour location). I have A LOT of questions, from child of Henry to the rare feat of being a relevant actress at 79 and everything in between. I admire her.

You have a blank wall and need to find a piece of art to fill the space. Which piece do you want to hang there by which artist? How do they inspire you? 

Robert Longo, “men in the cities series”. I think the cool thing about art like his is that you can’t really articulate in words how or why the piece affects you better than pointing at the work itself and saying “because look! Doesn’t it make you feel something?”

Photography: Ted Belton